Entertainer, Author, Actor, Songwriter.

Combining energetic performance with raw talent, Liz Presley is an influential Entertainer. Since embarking on her career, she has entranced her fans with her signature family sound.



Liz Presley

Liz Presley and Panache Global Entertainment, we are so grateful for Liz Presley, to be one of our prestigious judges on the night of our event come 29th of October 2021.

Elaine Elizabeth “Liz” Presley ,  born December 11th, 1959, in little Clacton On Sea, Essex United Kingdom, is an Award Winning Singer, Songwriter,  Actor,  philanthropist and business lady.

Liz comes by her love of rock ‘n roll, naturally. She has been singing along to record players since she was five years old. Liz has risen through the world of music, while honoring her families legacy, Elvis and Priscilla Presley, all her family.

She has built a solid reputation for herself in the music industry. Liz has just now released a book about her true life's story, entitled, "Kid of the King."

This autobiography is a must read, " #1 Best Seller in teen & Young Adult Marriage & Divorce on Amazon," and JUST RELEASED WORLDWIDE January 2021! 

"Be You, It's Enough.”

"Continuing our legacy of giving.”

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DNA Records 

If anyone is on Gedmatch. Here's my DNA. I have been away in the UK most of my childhood, adopted, so it's always nice to find family. Kit No. 784236 T061288 Elaine Elizabeth Presley - Family Tree DNA XY6570173 Elaine Presley - Living DNA YR9530215 Elaine Elizabeth Presley - 23 and me WV7654397 Elaine Elizabeth Presley - Ancestry ZC3419330 Elaine Elizabeth Presley - My Heritage.

“Concern / Kid of the « KING « DNA Biography

By Philippe, Roger, Georges PIOT-UMECKER

It is well known that Elaine Elizabeth Presley, a native of Little Clacton
on Sea in Essex, England, has brought unwavering love to her
illustrious father Elvis Presley.

It was not easy, it was not in the customs
at that time to be able to recognize the direct relationship between a
father and his daughter outside a line of conduct already drawn. But
they were father and daughter and in unison, here is the beginning of a
whole, the beginning of a life and a great love. A father, a daughter,
Elvis & Elaine Elizabeth is a galaxy of music, songs, sweet looks,
struggles in the life before and now, it's a force that can cross all
borders. It is a perpetual vibration, it is the art of a myth and its legend
working in the most indisputable reality.

I love history but not stories that are in my opinion perpetual
disappointments and they do not stop making chimeras and utopias!

The solidity of the true allows to annihilate the rumor !!!

Without this love between Elvis and Elaine, I do not think Elaine could
have had this overflowing rage to excel in all her creations.

And nowadays Elaine still holds the helm of the Graceland ship to continue
to perpetuate the leading role of her illustrious father Elvis across
multiple generations around the world. We can only applaud the
professionalism, flawless motivation and integrity of Elaine;s ongoing
work to keep Elvis;s melodies and songs alive ...

However, the fact remains that Elvis Presley has been able to be worthy
of a true father by surrounding him with all his love. In short, is it not
more important to have this recognition of love and protection from his

father? Certainly, yes Love is always triumphant on the evil of the
words of some and the perpetual skepticism.

I feel outraged sometimes when I can read or hear nonsense about the
non-veracity of affiliation between Elaine Elizabeth Presley and Elvis Presley.

I think that in human nature the contradiction, the rejection of
evidences allow some to be valued in the eyes of the world and society.

However, if a few decades ago the contradictory aspect could germinate,
it is not questioned today thanks to the dizzying progress of high

Mostly the advances on DNA are to this day more than
99.9% indisputable.

The debate must be closed, and it is high time to get back together it is a
matter of ethics, deep respect and love for ELVIS Presley but also for
Elaine Elisabeth Presley giving all her life to continue to share with us
each moment, each song, each musical note of the King ‘Elvis’.

I am a privileged friend of Elaine Elizabeth Presley and as such I could
have postcards, mail or even an old bank card. Of course, these effects
are well kept because I consider them as the continuity of the work of
her father ELVIS. One day I had the opportunity to read words
denigrating the true affiliation between Elaine Elizabeth Presley and
her father Elvis Presley. Wanting to silence these unconditional negative
people I embarked on a DNA research proving the real existence and
concordance between the DNA of Elvis and Elaine.

The results are eloquent and positive, so I do not understand this
violence and this challenge when the obvious jumps out at us.

On the other hand, the debate can be opened on all the subjects like for
example the works of Thomas Edison and Nikolas Tesla, on the works
of Michelangelo because it employed 200 sculptors in his service.

So which works are really of him?..of Leonardo da Vinci? Was the sculptor
Auguste Rodin not overtaken by his pupil Camille Claudel? We could
go far in these contradictions but that would lead to nothing, except to
question the value and the works!
Of course we can, throughout our lives, compare, criticize, make absurd
assumptions, but it remains an important point of view the power of
love is creating positive waves between human people.

Elaine Elizabeth Presley is a bearer of hope, love, courage and a total involvement in what she best excels at writing, singing and playing roles to satisfy our daily lives and while perpetuating the memory and the works of Elvis Presley ....

Thanks again, Elaine Elizabeth Presley

Philippe, Roger, Georges PIOT-UMECKER, FRANCE.”



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Liz Presley

"Be YOU, It's Enough"



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