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My Mini Autobiography

Hello, my name is Elaine Elizabeth "Liz" Presley ( Stage name, Liz Presley ), and this is my brief autobiography.

I was conceived in Germany and born in Clacton, England at the Middlesex Military War Hospital, Holland Road, Colchester, Essex, United Kingdom at the end of 1959. (The Colchester Army Barracks and the Germany Barracks are both connected army bases.) My birth certificate states my birth as December 11th, 1959 to Elvis Aaron Presley and Priscilla Ann Wagner. (This culminates from results of proof in 2017 and updated in 2021 via DNA and a seven year federal investigation.)

I was born as a boy and as a girl. At the age of 5, I had surgery to make myself more of a male. Later at the age of 42, the boy in me “died”, and I was born again, becoming a female, through the works of modern science. 

My given name was David Mower, and my “adoptive” mother was Mildred Valerie Hynard (later proven to be my cousin on my father’s side), married to Dennis Charles Mower. In 2013, I realized that I was adopted by them at birth, and I discovered the names of my real parents, as stated above. This joyous truth brought me “coming home to Graceland” in 2016. ( I also had a modified name of  David Daniel Boden in 1977 before my affirmed identity. ) As now stated on my birth certificate, I am a "Girl", Elaine Elizabeth Presley.

I have one daughter, Lauren Alexon and three grandchildren. I am overjoyed in being a parent and a grandparent, while still living as a Rock N' Roll Princess. 

I am pretty much like my father and mother in looks and mannerisms. I sing, record and release music worldwide, entertain in live shows, interview on radio and TV, give speeches through management via paid special events, and I spend my time living a private life in Graceland East. I am dedicated to our family legacy and to supporting many people and causes through our foundation, " The Presley Foundation",  while also working on my career, which includes running my publishing company for books and music. (founded July 12th 2017) and  writing my memoirs. ( A biography about me, “The King’s Kid” is now published, and a documentary about my life and major feature film, “Kid of the King” are in the works.)

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