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Combining energetic performance with raw talent, Liz Presley is an influential Entertainer. Since embarking on her career, she has entranced her fans with her signature family sound.

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"Be YOU, It's Enough"

Liz Presley




Liz Presley

Elaine Elizabeth “Liz” Presley ,  born December 11th, 1959, in little Clacton On Sea, Essex United Kingdom, is an Award Winning Singer, Songwriter,  Actor,  philanthropist and business lady. Liz comes by her love of rock ‘n roll, naturally. She has been singing along to record players since she was five years old. Liz has risen through the world of music, while honoring her father's legacy. She has built a solid reputation for herself in the music industry. Liz has just now released a book about her true life's story, entitled, "Kid of the King." This autobiography is a must read, " #1 Best Seller in teen & Young Adult Marriage & Divorce on Amazon," and JUST RELEASED WORLDWIDE January 2021! 

"Be You, It's Enough.”

"Continuing our legacy of giving.”



Respected Insights

After all these years watching you continue to strive for excellence I just wanted to remind you of how amazing you are and the positive energy you share with others in many areas of the entertainment industries. Wishing you always the very best :)

Marcus McCann Chapman 
Tribal Existance Productions Worldwide 

Regarding your single... 

Both Greg and I enjoyed listening to it.  It certainly beats the music 
that Rage has on ABC Australia. 


Excellent performance, quite haunting, with hope too. Best wishes

J.D Sage - Singer/Songwriter

Wow fantastic podcast, just loved it. You Are a beautiful person inside and out. You Are so like Your mother. Just like Twins. And your voice is so simliar to your Father. Awesome. I Wish You and your family a great weekend.

Jane Ingeborg Olsen

Molde, Norway



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